My Philosophy

At Advantaged Leadership, Dan Darcy believes in translating insights into high impact results by creating a coaching culture one-on-one, within teams and throughout large organizations.

My approach is built on fostering personal relationships, encouraging a collaborative environment where individuals and teams can engage, learn, and work more effectively together.

Transformational change and leadership coaching is a cooperative partnership – essential for executives and teams to excel in today’s highly competitive workplace. Rather than provide our clients concrete blueprints to follow, I support a client-centered self-discovery process. The process enables executives and teams to identify new insights, allowing them to discover hidden potential while avoiding unintended consequences traditionally associated with a major shift in expectations and change.

The ultimate goal is to empower clients to broaden their horizon, achieve clarity of purpose, and develop strategies to advance their objectives. As such, I support our clients in a number of ways, including:

Building new competencies, increasing performance, and leveraging authentic leadership

Improving personal effectiveness through discovery of new insights and increased personal and team awareness

Identifying priorities, clarifying choices, closing gaps and leveraging strengths

Developing plans and taking actions that accomplish their goals

Initiating the necessary steps that will provide greater satisfaction in their business and personal lives

Driven by over 30 years of coaching teams to deliver high impact results and achieve operations excellence for global Fortune 500 brands, Advantaged Leadership offers executives, teams, and organizations the ability to transform their business culture via coaching, building co-active relationships, and cross-functional collaboration.

Executive Coaching gave me an opportunity to analyze each goal, to explore numerous possibilities and potential outcomes from both action and inaction. Verbally thinking through the issues and possible solutions help sort through concurrent projects and problems which I wasn’t addressing with actionable strategies. The word empowerment comes to mind in describing what was most beneficial.

- Executive Director

The process of articulating my thinking allowed me to identify specific areas of focus and strategies to support my success. The aspect of personal accountability was extremely helpful. Positive feedback helped me to look more closely and reflect on my practice in a structured setting giving me new insights into my work.

- Principal

Dan’s coaching empowered me beyond anything I had imagined. Goals seem finite in comparison to my growth as a leader, and in turn the growth of my staff. From executive coaching, I’ve found that I had the answers most of the time. When I asked for help I found a wealth of knowledge from my executive coach.

- President