Meet Dan Darcy

I’m passionate about supporting individuals and teams to discover their leadership advantage and accomplish goals beyond their expectations.

I’ve experienced first hand the powerful impact which passionate leadership brings, in removing preconceived limitations and enabling individuals to fulfill their potential.

As individuals engage in coaching and the process of self-discovery they achieve clarity in their professional priorities and personal choices. My journey has led me to a process of self-discovery and realization, that though I was highly successful in some dimensions, there was an imbalance in others which represented significant hidden potential, cost, and unrealized capacity.

For over 30 years, I have led transformational change initiatives in a variety of roles, within leading CPG organizations.

Dan has also had extensive experience working in Canada and Europe, most notably as Vice President, Global Operations Strategy and Vice President, Manufacturing with The Hershey Company, and change leadership roles while also working for the Cadbury organization. As Founder and President of Advantaged Leadership Coaching and Consulting, I work with C-Suite executives, leadership teams, and mid-to-large sized organizations to translate strategic insights into high-impact results. My leadership style and personal presence foster a strong collaborative environment, working with leaders to motivate and inspire teams to embrace change, discover new possibilities and increase cohesiveness.

My relational coaching and results-driven approach support leaders in adapting their structure and aligning their processes to achieve success. In addition, my strong technical and manufacturing background gives me a keen understanding of quality, safety, regulatory compliance, and crisis management requirements that are necessary to achieve world-class results.

I have led large-scale transformational change and stand ready to support you, your colleagues, and your organization on the pathway to achieve outstanding performance.

Leading and Motivating Teams To Deliver Breakthrough Results

Led operational excellence initiatives across 22 manufacturing facilities employing over 10,000 employees in North America, Mexico and Brazil.

Spearheaded restructuring of global supply chain, accelerating growth opportunities and creating highly advantaged capabilities and competitive cost structure.

Managed complex organizational change and successful negotiations with multiple national unions in U.S. and Canada.

Led “Next Century” modernization project, which delivered a major cost advantage through overhead reduction and margin improvements. Created new capabilities, developed talent and achieved breakthrough improvements in quality and performance.

Global supply chain and “Next Century” restructuring programs represented $800 million in investment, delivering in excess of $250 million in annual savings. Success was cultivated by strong cross-functional teamwork, excellent execution, driven by major mindset and culture shift.

Developed and implemented a Global Operations Strategy including North American manufacturing network re-design, organizational change, acquisition assessment/integration, expansion planning including China/Asia.

These initiatives required significant coaching and upgrading of talent and organizational capabilities.

Dan received his Masters of Business Administration from the University of New Haven Connecticut and is a Certified Leadership Coach, receiving his certificate from Georgetown University’s Institute of Transformational Leadership. He is a member of the International Coach Federation.

Additional certifications include Myers BRIGGS (MBTI), Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i2 / 360), and Conversational Intelligence (CI).

I’ve been where you are, and my coaching style is guided by the belief that each individual is fully capable, resourceful, and creative.

My experience shows that through leadership coaching an opportunity is presented to re-connect with deeply held values and aspirations which often become dulled by the constant bombardment of demands we all face every day.

As individuals awaken to their own insights, they achieve greater alignment between their personal values and professional initiatives. This alignment creates a reservoir of energy and renewed purpose from which to achieve greater balance in mind, body, emotion and spirit leading to achievement of greater personal fulfillment.

Executive Coaching gave me an opportunity to analyze each goal, to explore numerous possibilities and potential outcomes from both action and inaction. Verbally thinking through the issues and possible solutions help sort through concurrent projects and problems which I wasn’t addressing with actionable strategies. The word empowerment comes to mind in describing what was most beneficial.

- Executive Director

The process of articulating my thinking allowed me to identify specific areas of focus and strategies to support my success. The aspect of personal accountability was extremely helpful. Positive feedback helped me to look more closely and reflect on my practice in a structured setting giving me new insights into my work.

- Principal

Dan’s coaching empowered me beyond anything I had imagined. Goals seem finite in comparison to my growth as a leader, and in turn the growth of my staff. From executive coaching, I’ve found that I had the answers most of the time. When I asked for help I found a wealth of knowledge from my executive coach.

- President