Leadership Team

“Managers have to switch from supervisory roles to acting as facilitators, as enablers, whose job is the
development of others and their skills… enabling them to perform value-adding processes themselves.”

Michael Hammer, author of Reengineering the Corporation: A Manifesto for Business Revolution

The Leadership Team plays a central role in any change initiative, ensuring that a clearly defined strategy translates vision into action and action into high performance results.


“The Soft Stuff is the Hard Stuff”

At Advantaged Leadership, the foundation for our work with Leadership Teams is aligned with the cross-functional integration concepts of Michael Hammer, an American engineer credited as one of the founders for the management theory of business process reengineering (BPR). His famous quote, “the soft stuff is the hard stuff,” is exactly the aspect often missed as organizations make important cultural shifts.

While detailed analysis, tactical planning, capital strategy, and return on investment are important to effective change leadership, it’s often “the soft stuff” that makes the most impact. What’s in “the soft stuff”?

Human relationships and interdependencies are truly difference-makers for any change initiative to be successful. The Leadership Team must be cross-functionally integrated to fully leverage the potential of their collective resources. They need to be able to effectively communicate, motivating and influencing their multiple stakeholders – C-suite executives, middle management and front line associates.


Attaining success

In change leadership, success is often determined by how well the Leadership Team can relate with others, responding to their questions, expectations, concerns and needs. For stakeholders to truly commit themselves to a new direction and common purpose, they need leadership whom they respect, trust and are willing to follow.

The “soft stuff” of mutual trust, interdependence, and synergy, drives the collective purpose and passion of the team. And, a highly energetic, unified team, which is fully aligned and committed to a great vision, is unstoppable!


Enter Advantaged Leadership

Advantaged Leadership works hand-in-hand with the Leadership Team to guide them on the path to success. It is ultimately the responsibility of the Leadership Team to ignite these emotions amongst team members, giving them a strong reason to believe in future possibilities.


To assure a strong foundation for successful change, we increase self-awareness by asking:


  • What are your Leadership Team’s motivational and influencing strengths? Where are your blind spots?
  • What would your people say?
  • What are your opportunities for realizing the full benefits of high performance teamwork?
  • How can Advantaged Leadership support your Leadership Team to deliver highly impactful results through developing, empowering and motivating their people?


How prepared is your Leadership Team to embrace the “soft stuff” and the challenges and opportunities of authentic engagement?



Executive Coaching gave me an opportunity to analyze each goal, to explore numerous possibilities and potential outcomes from both action and inaction. Verbally thinking through the issues and possible solutions help sort through concurrent projects and problems which I wasn’t addressing with actionable strategies. The word empowerment comes to mind in describing what was most beneficial.

Executive Director

The process of articulating my thinking allowed me to identify specific areas of focus and strategies to support my success. The aspect of personal accountability was extremely helpful. Positive feedback helped me to look more closely and reflect on my practice in a structured setting giving me new insights into my work.


Dan’s coaching empowered me beyond anything I had imagined. Goals seem finite in comparison to my growth as a leader, and in turn the growth of my staff. From executive coaching, I’ve found that I had the answers most of the time. When I asked for help I found a wealth of knowledge from my executive coach.



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