Leadership Development

“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States

At Advantaged Leadership, we understand what it means to be a transformational leader, a person who can create a vision and inspire others to buy in and strive to achieve it. We also know what it takes to support that type of growth with C-Suite executives, and senior leaders.

Through one-on-one coaching we support you in developing your personal leadership skills to deliver a positive impact across the organization and drive breakthrough results with your team.

Look at any dictionary and the definition of leadership is an action or actions that direct a group of people or an organization. Sometimes, leadership’s greatest challenge is remaining focused on strategic issues versus becoming bogged down in day-to-day issues. Having the ability to effectively delegate and trust your team will resolve immediate challenges and is key to avoiding distractions and delivering long-term success.

The Issue

If you are a C-Suite executive, you have likely demonstrated superior leadership skills and excellent results; however, leadership at a higher level requires a broader set of capabilities and influence to assure that the total capacity and capabilities of the organization are fully leveraged to deliver high impact results.


The Advantaged Leadership Value

Advantaged Leadership assists leaders in harnessing the power of cross-functional teamwork, building shared accountabilities and unified purpose to achieve a compound benefit. By maximizing the benefits of functional expertise and optimizing the team’s collective abilities, your organization will be propelled to greater heights.


While many teams deliver average performance, there are few who achieve exceptional results on a sustainable basis. Great teams do so by employing the “multiplier effect.” This represents a process by which teams can move forward on multiple initiatives simultaneously by achieving:

  • Absolute clarity on priorities, organizational responsibility and detailed planning.
  • Singular purpose, clear expectations, roles and accountabilities. Clearly defined responsibilities and targets.
  • Cross-functional integration and cohesive relationships.
  • Shared team goals with clear governance structure.
  • High levels of open, honest dialog and engagement at all levels.
  • Excellent execution and verification of sustainable performance.
  • Empowerment of cohesive teams to create a “wave” of positive momentum.

Advantaged Leadership Coaching supports leaders in creating and implementing a new results-driven culture across their organization to deliver exceptional results.



Executive Coaching gave me an opportunity to analyze each goal, to explore numerous possibilities and potential outcomes from both action and inaction. Verbally thinking through the issues and possible solutions help sort through concurrent projects and problems which I wasn’t addressing with actionable strategies. The word empowerment comes to mind in describing what was most beneficial.
Executive Director

The process of articulating my thinking allowed me to identify specific areas of focus and strategies to support my success. The aspect of personal accountability was extremely helpful. Positive feedback helped me to look more closely and reflect on my practice in a structured setting giving me new insights into my work.

Dan’s coaching empowered me beyond anything I had imagined. Goals seem finite in comparison to my growth as a leader, and in turn the growth of my staff. From executive coaching, I’ve found that I had the answers most of the time. When I asked for help I found a wealth of knowledge from my executive coach.


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