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What matters most to you?

As you reflect on your level of fulfillment and satisfaction in both personal and professional dimensions, please consider these questions in the section below.


Personal Assessment

  1. Are you satisfied with your current choices and the results they have delivered?
  2. Are you happy with and fulfilled by your career choices and progress?
  3. Are you satisfied with your personal/ professional relationships?
  4. Do you have the right balance in your personal /professional life?
  5. Do you have a clear understanding of your top priorities and goals?
  6. Are you satisfied with the results you have achieved?
  7. Do you bring your best self, with energy and passion to your relationships and work each day?
  8. Would you be more fulfilled and successful if you did?
  9. Do you feel the need to re-assess or re-balance your choices and actions?
  10. Do you have the support you need to facilitate the self discovery, insights and outcomes you desire?


Team Assessment

  1. Does your team demonstrate understanding, clarity and unified commitment to your strategy?
  2. Are they strongly aligned in exploring, defining and committing to delivering breakthrough results?
  3. Are they comfortable in openly expressing opinions and challenging each other?
  4. Are they interested in listening to different perspectives from inside and outside the organization?
  5. Are team meetings productive….leading to shared goals, mutual accountability and tangible results?
  6. Is power and authority used to create inclusive, open dialog and welcome different perspectives?
  7. Is there strength in their problem solving and decision making processes?
  8. Is disagreement a source of strength or divisiveness?
  9. Is team cohesiveness and interdependence obvious to the rest of your organization?
  10. Are these relationships and actions driving high impact results?

Upon reflection, if you would like to achieve greater clarity and high impact results…

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Executive Coaching gave me an opportunity to analyze each goal, to explore numerous possibilities and potential outcomes from both action and inaction. Verbally thinking through the issues and possible solutions help sort through concurrent projects and problems which I wasn’t addressing with actionable strategies. The word empowerment comes to mind in describing what was most beneficial.
Executive Director

The process of articulating my thinking allowed me to identify specific areas of focus and strategies to support my success. The aspect of personal accountability was extremely helpful. Positive feedback helped me to look more closely and reflect on my practice in a structured setting giving me new insights into my work.

Dan’s coaching empowered me beyond anything I had imagined. Goals seem finite in comparison to my growth as a leader, and in turn the growth of my staff. From executive coaching, I’ve found that I had the answers most of the time. When I asked for help I found a wealth of knowledge from my executive coach.



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