Yes, This Crisis Can Be a Positive Catalyst for Personal and Professional Growth

Every crisis tests our resilience. Some people become paralyzed while others excel. Will the past be a prologue or is this a time for growth and advancement?

2021 is a new year and an opportunity to renew and excel!

While social distancing, mask-wearing, working from home is a continuing reality, this is also a “defining moment” in history.

To be sure, it’s been tragic for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have died. Just as the sadness of lost friends and loved ones has impacted the lives of millions more on a global scale.

A Profound Character Test

This epidemic has also proven a profound character test, a test of the human spirit – our adaptability and our innovation. Collectively, we’ve shown that challenges we thought were unsolvable could be tackled with efficiency and precision in record time. In some cases, those changes happened almost overnight, i.e. the world’s rapid “Zoomification.” Remote working, TeleHealth, Online Education to name a few. COVID has amplified challenges that were already in plain sight. Perhaps, they didn’t seem as urgent or imminent before but that has surely changed.

Through these many trying months, we’ve shown a greater capacity for change than we ever thought possible. And through this forced isolation, we’ve confirmed that we’re stronger together than apart. It’s a powerful lesson in human understanding and resilience that I suspect will carry us through in the post-COVID years, too.

What’s Next?

Surrounded by so much uncertainty, chaos, challenge, and crisis, many have asked a simple question: what’s next?

It’s a question that individuals are asking on both a professional and a personal level.

It’s not being asked with a sense of foreboding. Instead, it’s being asked with a sense of possibility and discovery. If we can overcome this pandemic, adapt, and change then, what else can we accomplish? And, today I’m asking you the requisite follow-up questions:


  1. Are there possibilities and potential available to you that you have not yet discovered? (Yes!)
  2. Do you have untapped potential, capacity and capabilities which could raise your performance and your teams’ results? (Yes, yes!!)

Craving the “Old Normal”

When that eye-blink moment comes, there’s also a tendency for many of us to crave the “old normal.” To rewind the clock to pre-pandemic norms, expectations and to delay pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. This is especially true in business. Standing at this once-in-a-century crossroads, I submit to you, however, that the answer should be ‘no.’

This is a time to “reset” our priorities, visualize possibilities and enable ourselves to emerge stronger in determining our best path forward. Many historians and experts in societal change have confirmed that there really is no way back to the way things were.

If we believe this, then we must choose to charter our own path or have it determined by events and decisions by others that are beyond our control.

Control The Process

A great teacher and mentor (Dr. Neil Stroul, Georgetown University) said it all, “Either you control the process or it controls you “. Will we live lives of constant reaction (like little steel balls in the old pinball machines) or will we be proactive, take initiative, and actions that change outcomes?

Will we lead, move forward, and chart our path to success, leading our teams and ourselves to discover and achieve our truest potential?

In these times, as any, choices have consequences – for you, for your career, for your team, and your organization. Now that we have the collective benefit of having lived through 2020, we know we have the fortitude to take on 2021 with renewed hope, confidence, and energy. Having been through the proverbial fire, we’re left with a collective strength and the ability to determine “what’s next”?    

Without a clear plan, we’re operating much like the Lewis Carroll quote from Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

The problem with this approach is that you may be unhappy with the destination!

What Have We Learned?

So, in 2021, what have we learned?

What choices will you make, and what path will you choose?

During all this chaotic disruption and uncertainty, are you ready to seize the moment, to re-frame, re-energize, and re-direct your momentum?

Do you want to be the author of your journey, guide your trajectory, and harness your capacity to grow and increase your performance?

If the answer is “Yes”, you don’t have to do it alone. Dan Darcy is a trusted advisor and Enterprise Business Coach with 30+ years of experience in diverse leadership roles as – A Leadership Coach, VP, Operations Strategy, VP Manufacturing, Senior Director, and Plant Manager.

I work with seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders helping them to determine, implement and achieve their goals. Doing so requires clear objectives, an action-driven strategy, and complete focus. My role as a leadership coach, advisor, and, at times, consultant is to support you to develop and successfully execute your path to success.

In 2020, COVID-19 upended the world. But as much upheaval as it brought, it has also been a powerful catalyst for change. It has amplified existing issues and created new challenges in leadership organizational change and business performance that now, must be addressed. At this time of transformational change, working with a trusted advisor who can relate, independently and confidentially provides you with the framework and confidence you need to determine ”whats next” on your path to success.