Will a Changed Mindset be the Key to Achieving Your Goals?

Woody Allen is often attributed with saying that, “Eighty percent of success in life is showing up.” As you roll your eyes, I can hear you saying, “if only it were that easy” and, of course, life isn’t so easy or simple.

However, “how” we show up does have a profound impact on our potential for success.

Success is often greatly influenced by our “mindset,” which is a set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines our behavior, outlook and attitude. The mindset we bring to each situation or challenge can make a real impact on the outcome.


Capture The Value of a “Glass Half Full’ Mindset

Some people see life as a “glass half-full” while others describe it as a “glass half empty.” This description often separates the optimists from the pessimists.

Optimism is about being hopeful about the future and having the confidence to shape it – it’s a mindset.

My experience, along with leading psychology research, confirms that truly successful people view their mindset as an adaptable, renewable resource. These people possess a growth mindset, through which they learn, develop and adapt to address changing circumstances and challenges.

Others have a fixed mindset and tend to rest on their laurels, viewing their raw talent, intelligence and mindset as finite and unchanging.

Individuals and teams with a growth mindset see opportunity in adversity. They demonstrate the courage to push boundaries, stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone and commit to achieving their potential.. These are men and women who adapt and overcome challenges to reach higher levels of achievement and personal fulfillment. These attributes are foundational to their “growth mindset.” This is how they choose to “show up” in the world.

Don’t get me wrong; shifting ones mindset and behaviors is not easy.


Georgetown University – “What Really Matters?”

When I attended the Georgetown Leadership Coaching program, I experienced that transformational change is about being personally committed to make a dramatic shift from one state to another. Personal change requires us to be willing to step back and observe ourselves – to notice how we “make meaning” of our mindset, choices, behaviors, and the impact which these have in our life.

We need to take time to notice our “mindset” and the disposition we bring to specific situations. Are we positive or negative? Growing or stagnant? “Noticing” our behavior enables us to determine if our actions are aligned with who we truly are and what we want to accomplish. It’s about being willing to look in the mirror to determine “what really matters”.

Are we willing to shift perspective, to let go of old baggage, behavior and mindsets, which are inhibiting growth and forward movement?

Personal change takes time, commitment and personal accountability. It’s often obstructed by internal saboteurs – fear, uncertainty, anxiety or self-doubt – as we work to shift from one state to another. As these saboteurs surface, our commitment to shift from the status quo to a new state will be challenged.

Transformational change occurs when we are more committed to that future state which is aligned with our desire to achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment. This greater commitment to make the shift and experience different outcomes will loosen the shackles of our current state of dissatisfaction.

One particularly powerful lesson I learned came from our mentor, Neil Stroul (founding member of the Georgetown University, Leadership Coaching program), who said, “Each of us holds a perception of our life up until now and either you have the story… or the story has you.”

Neil’s advice is simple, yet profound, “Control your own narrative, don’t give it to others, claim authorship of your own life and don’t become a prisoner to your own prism — the lens through which you see the past.”

As you assess your own narrative ask yourself:

  • Do I allow my past perceptions to positively or negatively influence future action and outcomes?
  • Do I take time to reflect on where I am., where I’m going and how I might achieve greater success and fulfillment?
  • Do I embrace or avoid challenges or just hope they will go away?
  • What are the likely impacts and consequences of the choices I’m making? What might be possible with a different mindset and behaviors?

Through coaching, I’ve seen many people empower themselves by choosing a new lens through which to envision and create a different future.


A New Beginning – “Is Coaching Right for You?“

“Summer of Science” author, Carl Sagan, an astronomer whose belief in humanity and the power of rational thought said, “Fundamental changes in society are sometimes labeled impractical or contrary to human nature… as if there were only one human nature. But fundamental changes can clearly be made. We’re surrounded by them.”

Were Dr. Sagan alive today, I think he’d agree that before fundamental change can come to a society, it must first come to the individuals living in that society.

Do you want to make a shift and is coaching right for you? If so, leadership coaching enables you to take that important first step. As a coach and trusted advisor, I offer support without judgment and with absolute confidentiality in a safe environment.

My role is to support you in exploring, clarifying and aligning your “mindset” and behavior with what you want to achieve. This will enable you to develop the strategies, action plans and solutions necessary to achieve your goals.

If you’re interested in having a discussion and free coaching consultation, please review my background and website at: advantagedleadership[dot]com.